Travelling Companions – what would you take?

Apart from the clothes you are wearing what item do you think is the most essential item to take on holiday if visiting a Catholic site? Of course, this question could be answered differently by all of us. We each have our own little items that without be feel lost. So lets imagine we are travelling from London to Australia what would you take?

A popular choice is a good Catholic book; some people just love to read or even write on the plane. Or maybe make the most of technology advancements and take a computerised handheld book or eBook giving you the options of hundreds of stories within the device.

For some it’s the cosmetic cases, ranging from hairbrushes to the lip-gloss and moisturiser. It could be once said this was a more likely choice of the ladies, but now titivation is now as much males’ hobbies as well as females.

The addiction for computer games would be key in some people’s decisions. Either the Playstation handheld or Nintendo DS could keep some people occupied not just for the flight to Australia but for the duration of their stay as well.

The differences between different peoples choices is vast and above are just a few items people would take. From Sudoku, to religious magazines or the daily tabloids to laptops or knitting the list could be endless.

For others there is nothing they want more than when on a plane is to try to sleep. Whether this is just because they have a chance to catch up on some sleep or maybe trying to adopt the incoming time zone grabbing a blanket and a seeing if the cabin crew have any blindfolds is a great option. Of course the choice is yours.

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